Thursday, November 27, 2008

Britney at Bambi

Britney will tonight perform for the first time since 2007's infamous VMA awards. The Bambi Awards in Germany will be the setting where she is set to perform the US #1 "Womanizer", before setting off for France's Star Academy tomorrow and the UK's X Factor on Saturday.

Furthermore, Britney is reportedly set to recieve a Bambi Award for "International Pop" in recognition of her comeback from last year's lows. The award ceremony's website states:

"Der Bambi 2008 in der Kategorie Pop International geht an Britney Spears, wie Atricia Riekel, BAMBI- Gesamtverantwortliche, bei der heutigen Pressekonferenz in Offenburg bekannt gegeben hat."

which means:

"The Bambi 2008 Award in the category of International Pop goes to Britney Spears, as Bambi Controller, Atricia Riekel, announced in a press conference in Offenburg today."

Event host Hubert Burda says, "Britney Spears is back. Radiant and better than
ever, the erstwhile teenie idol has reclaimed her throne." Another official
adds, "Her stunning comeback from an absolute low point impressed all of us."

Press Conference announcing Britney (in German)