Friday, August 21, 2009

"Circus Fantasy" - New Fragrance!

Britney has a new fragrance titled "Circus Fantasy!"

Check out details from Elizabeth Arden's website:

CIRCUS FANTASY CIRCUS fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.3 fl. oz.
Luscious fruits, tempting florals and creamy musks capture the magical atmosphere of the show with a colorful illusion of fun, sexiness and glamour.

Welcome the Ringleader
The spectacle opens with juicy accords of sugar-coated raspberry and apricot blossom, reminiscent of tempting candy.

Uncover the Illusion
The magic continues as blue peony, waterlily and addictive red sweetheart orchid take the limelight with delicious sensations and exhilarating temptations.

Steal the Spotlight
The grand finale is a captivating sense of seductive sensuality, blending sweet vanilla wood, creamy musks and violet candy.


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MTV lists "The Singles" has posted "The Singles" album on their website, with the tentative release date set for October 27, 2009.

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Final Act of the Circus Tour starts!

The "Final Act" of the Circus World Tour kicked off last night in Hamilton, Ontario with a few costume changes but no major additions yet...

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Britney on Letterman

She was very funny! All credit to her she managed to take the mick out of herself!

Thanks to ToxicThrill

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Britney on Letterman Show TONIGHT!

Yes you read correctly!

If you're in the US make sure to watch, and for those of you not like myself, I will provide a video ASAP.

She’ll be presenting the Top 10 list (at 11:35pm ET/PT on CBS)

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Jason dumps Brit

Poor Brit :(

From Digital Spy:

Britney Spears has been dumped by her agent boyfriend because she put too much pressure on him to marry her, reports claim.

Jason Trawick apparently ended his five-month relationship with the 'Toxic' singer after she demanded that he propose to her.

A friend told the National Enquirer: "It was just too fast, too soon for Jason. He didn't like the pressure Britney and her family were putting on him to put a ring on her finger. He told Britney repeatedly that he would never marry, but she refused to believe him. She thought she could change his mind by having a baby with him."

The source continued: "Jason told Britney he needs time to chill away from her. She's heartbroken."

Spears has been married twice before and has two sons Sean Preston, 3, and 2-year-old Jayden James.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Britney visits recording studio

Britney was spotted leaving Conway recording studios in Hollywood Friday afternoon.

What could it be...7th studio album, singles collection...?

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Friday, August 14, 2009

New song demo - "Scorpio Girl"

X-britney reports (translated from Portuguese):

Producer Tsour Lee Adato, has given us a little surprise! As everyone knows, Britney is in the process of recording for a future project, which we still have no concrete information about, and has been up in the Studio with Max Martin during her time in Sweden. Tsour, has sent us an exclusive demo, the voice is not Britney as it is a demo for her to re-record. The song is called Scorpio Girl and was produced by him and Hezi Shaked.

Lyrics and snippet below

I can be quite discreet if you need that kinda hush
I wont tell anybody about our secret crush
Baby give me it I could use the rush
But when shes getting angry
You better step aside
And when shes feeling hungry
You keep her satisfied
If its understood You can come around

Ill let you take the lead-role
Keep control babe you can have it
Little miss wonderful
The little girl wont misbehave it


Just as you think you own me
Im gonna say no-oh
And when youll wanna keep me
I will get up and go
Dont believe in your love
I aint feeling your words
And if its a mans world
Im a scorpio girl

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New Circus tour changes rumoured

The dancers have left many messages on Twitter regarding the current Britney Spears world tour. Many of them suggest possible changes to the tour. Here’s a list of the important things going on right now:

-Ms Spears started rehearsals two days ago and her break time is over.
-Apparently, two possible songs are set to be added on the setlist (Unusual You rumoured)
-A tour DVD is a definite possibility, but they are unsure yet.
-There will be many alteration to the show.
-They still know nothing about the VMAs nor a possible performance.
-Ms Spears is in the studio recording new songs.

The pop icon will start her second leg of the Circus tour on August 20.

Thanks to BritneyAddicted

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rumoured Circus tour return to Europe

Unlikely in my opinion, but thought id mention!


anuary 10, 10 - The O2 - London, England
January 11, 10 - The O2 - London, England
January 14, 10 - LG Arena - Birmingham, England
January 16, 10 - SECC - Glasgow, Scotland
January 17, 10 - The O2 - Dublin, Ireland
January 22, 10 - Palais omnisports de Paris-Bercy - Paris, France
January 24, 10 - Festhalle - Frankfurt, Germany
January 27, 10 - The Ahoy - Rotterdam, Netherlands
January 28, 10 - Gelredome - Arnhem, Netherlands
January 31, 10 - Palau Sant Jordi - Barcelona, Spain

February 04, 10 - Ericsson Globe - Stockholm, Sweden
February 06, 10 - Telenor Arena - Bærum, Norway
February 10, 10 - Mediolanum Forum - Milan, Italy
February 12, 10 - Wiener Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria
February 14, 10 - O2 Arena - Prague, Czech Republic
February 17, 10 - Hallenstadion - Zurich, Switzerland
February 20, 10 - Arena Riga - Riga, Latvia
February 21, 10 - Belgrade Arena - Belgrade, Serbia

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Circus - LIVE

Rough tour video edit?

Yahoo has posted an HQ professionally filmed video of the intro to Britney's Circus tour, and the song, Circus

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The Singles Collection listed on Amazon

Anyone still doubting?

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Down Under tour vid?


We’re hearing that Britney will record select dates from her Australian tour schedule for a DVD release of the Circus Tour.

New songs, new costumes and the best bits from the European and North American legs of the tour will make up the Australian concerts which kick off in November.

It’s also been confirmed that Aussie DJ, Havana Brown, will support Britney on her tour down under.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unusual You next single?

Rumoured around different forums and youtubes the past few days that Unusual You is to be the 5th single off Circus and will be performed in the 2nd North American leg of her Circus tour


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Dirty Girl" NOT for Singles Collection

The producer of “Dirty Girl”, Russ Castella, said that the song he’s working on will not be on The Singles Collection. In fact, he said that he hadn’t heard anything regarding the compilation album. Quotage from his Twitter:

“not for a collection. im not even sure if they are doing a collection. no one said anything to me about it.”

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Michael Jackson tribute for Circus Tour final act?

Is Britney set to perform a tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, on the final leg of her Circus tour?

An video has been released alleging Britney is rehearsing "Man In The Mirror" to perform in tribute to the recently passed superstar...

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"Dirty Girl" - more track details

Russ Castella can't keep his mouth shot and we like that. He tweeted the following messages concerning Britney's new track, Dirty Girl:

"You asked wrong l.o.l. but okay...It will be this year, I can't say when it comes out until label says so"

In response to weather Dirty Girl is upbeat or a ballad, he said:

"uptempo dirty electro"

He also sent the following Tweet to Justin Timberlake:

"let's do 'DIRTY BOY' too l.o.l."

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The Final Act Promo

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The VMAs are Brits! Congratulations, Britney! You're up for seven VMAs this year! It's a moment of sweet redemption for Britz, because it means she will return once again to the stage where she's tasted her sugariest highs and her most Xanax-tical lows. Let's face it, Britney is the VMAs. She's the reason we watch every year - it's how we take the temperature of the Britney universe. She was made for this show, and it was made for her.

Once more, Lady B shall take the stage where she suffered the indignity of the 2007 VMAs, where she mumbled, bumbled, and stumbled through a rendition of "Gimme More" that traumatized her fans, bumping into her scared-looking back-up dancers, rocking her spray-painted abs and one of Bret Michaels' used hairpieces. As people used to say way back in 2007, it was a "fail," as well as a "hot tranny mess."

Britz made her return to the VMAs last year, showing she could make the scene as a wholesome, soft-spoken Southern gal, but with all these nominations, she has a chance for an even bigger comeback - not to mention an even bigger celebration of her place as the pop queen of the decade. Nobody should be surprised if she sweeps all seven of her categories, just because "Womanizer" is a seven-times-awesome kind of song, although given that it's up against heavy hitters like "Single Ladies," "Poker Face" and "Love Lockdown," she might want to rehearse her "it's an honor just to be nominated, y'all" cliche just in case. (Bizarrely, she's not nominated for Best Female Video, maybe because she’s too much of a woman-woman-womanizer?)

Given that Eminem got a bunch of nominations as well, maybe MTV is just having spasms of 1999 nostalgia. But this a moment for all her fans to savor, wonder why the new category for "Best [Old] Video That Should Have Been A Moonman" doesn't have a nod for her "Lucky" video, from 2000. That's a classic. It was her Kid A.

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