Monday, November 23, 2009

'Flash mob' promotes The Singles Collection in Milan, Italy

Check out this cool promo for The Singles Collection in Italy. A group of girls start dancing to '3' randomly in a shopping centre!

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The Singles Collection out in UK!


The collection is avaliable to buy in most retailers. Likewise you can download it from a number of retailers. I've been through the best download sites for you!

Deluxe Version (58 tracks - hits, b-sides, remixes)

Digital Deluxe Version (18 tracks, music videos)

Standard Version (18 tracks)

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Digital Spy reviews TSC

From Digital Spy

When Britney released '...Baby One More Time' at the tail-end of the last century, few would have predicted that she'd still be around today. Sure, it quickly became obvious that the track - reportedly rejected by TLC - was one of the great pop singles, but the history books are littered with the remains of stars that instantly light up the charts only to burn up just as fast. Despite some filler-heavy albums, Britney has always been something else, and this compilation perfectly captures the career of one of the best singles artists of the last ten years.

Where her 2004 Best Of, My Prerogative, was let down by some needless inclusions, unsatisfying sequencing and under-written new material, the 18-track Singles Collection is as lean as the star herself after a couple of months on the road. Better still, it features the best singles from the Blackout and Circus albums, which salvaged Britney's career as a pop artist in the face of a personal breakdown. The only possible quibble is having newbie '3' tacked on the start rather than the end - ruining the otherwise chronological tracklisting - but in the grand scheme of things that matters not-a-jot.

Running from '...Baby One More Time' to 'Radar', you get a single-disc timeline that shows a progression in style and substance from school uniform-wearing pop ingénue to sultry motorik saucepot. There's an argument that the 65-minute run-time should have been extended to include a few more songs, but in the main it's the slowies that have been dropped, and that's no bad thing. Of course, there's little you can say about the songs themselves that hasn't already been said. Hits like 'Toxic' and 'Oops!... I Did It Again' proved their cultural cachet by featuring in Doctor Who and John & Edward's most magical moment respectively. Even the oft-forgotten 'Stronger' boasts two stone-cold classic pop moments: the lyrical inversion of her debut hit ("My loneliness ain't killing me no more") and that sound drop-out at two-and-a-half minutes that teases before the chorus slams back in.

Britney's voice has long been a source of contention, but while the debate about the value of a lip-synced live concert continues to rage, this compilation underlines her worth as a distinctive pop singer, at least on record. She certainly doesn't have the pipes of contemporaries Christina or Shakira, let alone the likes of Mariah or Whitney, but as last year's X Factor finalists showed, it's not as easy as it looks to make these songs sound as good as they do here.

And there's nothing that sounds out of place. The thematic muddle of wedging a coming-of-age ballad ('I'm Not A Girl...') between two slabs of sexed-up hip-pop ('Slave 4 U', 'Boys') looks dodgy on paper, but sounds perfect in the listening. Best of all is the double-header of 'Everytime' and 'Gimme More', where you get Brit's best ballad jammed up against a throbbing robopop thriller that's rightfully survived her infamous VMAs performance. The only arguable weak link is the Madonna-featuring 'Me Against The Music', but in this context what once looked like a respectful passing of the baton now seems like an unconditional surrender of pop Queendom to its rightful heir.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Britney director talks 'Baby One More Time'

As part of MTV's Britney season...

To watch all the retrospective video interviews, click here

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Britney 'never' returning to Oz?

Britney has allegedly told a source she can't wait to leave Australia.

The singer has faced unprecedented attacks and snipes from the hostile media, for which she wasn't prepared. Singer Michael Buble has defended the superstar, saying:

'You’d think she killed someone. As an artist, and a human being, some of what has been written about her is so nasty. OK, she lip-syncs her show, people know that, they make the decision if they want to go and see her do that'.

The Curcus tour is the first time Britney has performed Down Under, and according to rumours, it will be her last - it is claimed she has said she is 'never coming back'.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New studio album in Spring 2010

Jive Records, Britney's record label, have confirmed Britney will release her follow-up studio album to 2008's Circus, in Spring 2010. The star is currently working towards a May 2010 release date; it will be her 7th studio album.

Numerous producers and songwriters have confirmed they are working for Britney, including Toy Soldier writer, Sean Garret, David Guetta, Fernando Garibay and Danja (Kill The Lights, Break The Ice and many others).

The Singles Collection is released by Britney in the UK next Monday (16th November)

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"3" video #1 on UK iTunes

"3" video is #1 on the UK iTunes Store!

You can download it for just £1.29! Hopefully this will boost single sales for next week too.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

"3" enters the UK Chart

"3" has just entered the Official UK Top 40 Chart at #7, beating nearest rival Sugababes with their RedOne produced hit 'About A Girl'.

Let's see if we can get it even higher for next week!

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Blackout 2.0 next Britney album?

So it's already been confirmed Danja (Break The Ice, Get Naked, Gimme More, Hot As ice, Kill The Lights) has been writing material for Britney, but now Sean Garret (Toy Solider) has confirmed he too is penning new songs for the superstar.

Can't wait to hear it!

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Melbourne concert (13th November) HQ videos

Loving how much the crowd are into it!

If U Seek Amy

Everytime (LIVE)

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iPhone App coming out Monday!

Britney is to release an iPhone application tomorrow (Monday 16th November). Posting about it on twitter, she said:

"I just got a demo of my new iPhone App that comes out Monday and I’m playing with it on my phone non-stop. I love it!!"

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Friday, November 13, 2009

UK Chart update

Brit's "3" has made it inside the Top 5 and is currently fighting N-Dubz.

Keep on downloading, remember it's just 29p from Tesco online mp3 store! If you have twitter, click the tweet this button below to spread the news and get others to download too!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

UK Charts Midweek

Britney's "3" is currently sitting just outside the top-5 in the midweeks of the UK Official Top 40 Chart. It is sitting (coincidently) at #3 on the UK iTunes store and has been for some time so it may be higher when the chart is released on Sunday.

Nevertheless we need a push to get Britney comfortably in the top-5.

The song is avaliable for download 100% legally from Tesco Online for just 29p -
Click Here! 29p is nothing - c'mon guys!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"3" released in UK


All download sites below are compatible with iPod and all MP3 players

Tesco Digital - 29p
7digital - 50p
Amazon MP3 - 79p
iTunes - 99p

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Singles Collection available on US iTunes!

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Australian leg kicks off!

The Australian leg of Britney's Circus tour kicked off today with her first concert in the country in Perth.

No major set changes (Breathe on Me, You Oughtta' Know was removed) and no sign of "3" yet.

More updates later...
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