Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New studio album in Spring 2010

Jive Records, Britney's record label, have confirmed Britney will release her follow-up studio album to 2008's Circus, in Spring 2010. The star is currently working towards a May 2010 release date; it will be her 7th studio album.

Numerous producers and songwriters have confirmed they are working for Britney, including Toy Soldier writer, Sean Garret, David Guetta, Fernando Garibay and Danja (Kill The Lights, Break The Ice and many others).

The Singles Collection is released by Britney in the UK next Monday (16th November)

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Anonymous said...

I hope the Fernando Garibay songs make the cut this time, because "Quicksand" is one of her best. And best of all, she sounds like her, not all covered with synthesizers and such