Thursday, August 05, 2010


A source in Camp Britney is claiming a new album is just months away and a new single just weeks away.

According to the insider...

August 27th - it will be announced that Britney is to release her 7th studio album
September 7th - the first single from the album, entitled 'It's A Secret' will be announced/release to radios
November 2nd - album release date

Completely unconfirmed at the moment, but a lot of these types of rumours have turned out to be true...!

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Britney v Glee

According to website E! Online Australian,the cast of Glee will perform 'Stronger', plus 'Oops ... I Did It Again' and 'Piece of Me' in the special Britney-themed episode next series.

Lea Michele said her character, Rachel Berry, will sing a classic Britney tribute, and will also recreates one of her videos, but said she prefers not to tell what it will be.

"I read the script last night and is hilarious. Will be made several different numbers and many videos will be created."

Meanwhile, Glee actress Cohen-Chang told Extra TV in a recent interview confirmed Britney will NOT appear in the episode, despite previous speculation stirred by Glee creator Ryan Murphy:

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"Fans of Britney will be happy in a few weeks"

Top producer Darkchild who has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Lady GaGa and of course, Britney has told followers on Ustread that "Fans of Britney will be very happy in a few weeks" before also saying "New album of Britney yet this year? I do not know, anything is possible."

Could we be getting a brand new single in September?

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Three new 'Britney'-era songs leak

Several songs from 2001 have leaked this weekend, allegedly recorded for her third album, 'Britney'.

'Mad Love' samples the song 'Darkest Light' from French funk act Lafayette Afro Rock Band:

'When I Say So'

'Tell Me (Am I A Sinner)'

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No new Britney album this year

The following post was made on our sister site PopSeeker, the home of all your pop desires!

Rumours surrounding the next studio album from Britney Spears have all been pointing towards an October/November release, but this may have been delayed according to new reports., an Australian site with close ties to Sony BMG Australia is reporting that:
“…there will be no new Britney album this year. We’re of course keeping our ear to the ground for any news on a single that could possibly be released around November. Sony Music announced their upcoming plans for the last half of the year, and Britney does not feature on the release schedule (last year The Singles Collection appeared on the schedule that we were first to report on).”


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Monday, May 10, 2010

Darkchild confirms 'Telephone' authenticity

Hit producer Darkchild, who produced 'Telephone' has confirmed that the leaked demo is authentic, but denied accusations he leaked it. He stated that the demo was real but is not the mixed version, and that he will not be released the final version unless Britney wishes it to be released.

He also spoke about Britney's new album, her 7th studio album, and the work he's been doing for it:

[Britney's manager] Larry Rudolph came to my house and we had an incredible conversation about Britney’s new album. We talked about the direction of her album, he gave me some insight into the direction and he wants me to work on stuff… So with that said, “Telephone” did what it had to do and we’re very pleased with the results, but now I’m about to put 200% of my focus into writing a new smash for Britney’s new album… An international smash…

I think the fans deserve it, I think Britney deserves it and I can’t wait to get back into the studio with Britney. I’m about to go crazy on making something that’s so crazy. Since the conversation with Larry Rudolph I’ve studied some stuff from her last album and the Blackout album, and that was great stuff but I’m gonna bring something a little bit greater. I’m gonna give it my all to deliver something that’s crazy, crazy amazing for Britney.

The conversation with Larry went great, I know exactly what the direction is and I’m gonna kill it! I’m gonna create the most incredible, unbelievable track that you could ever think of to hit the planet earth, the galaxy, around the world, all of that [laughs], for Britney Spears!

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Britney Candie's commercial being shot today

Dari Marder is Candie's chief marketing officer.

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Is Lady Spears HERSELF set to appear on Glee?

According to OK! magazine, Glee is set not just to feature some Britney songs, but to host the Lady herself! Not only that, but negotiations are under way to make the character reccuring...

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Britney's demo of 'Telephone' leaks

So you all remember how Lady Gaga's hit 'Telephone' was originally offered to Britney? Well a recording claiming to be her demo recording of the song has leaked. I'm not too sure it is actually Britney though...

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Glee Britney episode is one step closer!

After a poll on the Glee website last week asking fans who else they would like to see Glee pay tribute to Britney won by a landslide!

This week, they're asking fans what song they want to be covered. You can vote at However, since you can only pick one song, this suggests its unlikely to be a whole episode tribute. Shame.

Poll: Which Britney Spears song would you most like to see on Glee?

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Tiesto producing for Britney?

We've already got confirmation that Britney' next album is set to be darker and more dance orientated like Blackout, so this fits in very nicely!

Britney’s longtime A&R, Teresa LaBarbera Whites tweeted the other day:

Met Tiesto today…I think I adore him…

A Dutch Music Channel followed this up and contacted Tiesto's label, who did not deny the rumour saying:

“You can go ahead and assume that is true”

David Guetta and Tiesto? This is shaping up to be a VERY interesting project! Meanwhile, Brit's manager Adam Leber tweeted this week:

“Not saying for who….But I got some off the hook new music this week!!! I mean, some next level s#it……”

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

'Dramatic' leaks!

A full 2 years after attention-whore Heidi Montag 'released' her 'duet' with Britney (duet in this case meaning adding vocals to a demo stolen from Britney), the full HQ version of 'Dramatic' without Heidi has leaked.

The song was recorded as a demo for 'Blackout' apparently. It's quite good, but wouldn't have fitted on 'Blackout' really...

Listen/download here:

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Friday, April 09, 2010

So what do we know about studio album #7 so far?

The following post was made on our sister site PopSeeker, the home of all your pop desires!

After 4 years of hogging tabloid sensationalist headlines, Britney Spears appears to have disappeared off the radar. Her last smash hit, '3' (which is still being played in clubs) came out last September to promote the release of her second greatest hits collection 'The Singles Collection'.

It has been confirmed she is back in the studio hard at work on her next studio album, her 7th, and this is what we know about it so far.

It was rumoured to be released June/July 2010 with a lead single April but more recently November has been thrown around as a more realistic release date (according to MTV News and Outsiders Media - the producers of 'Womanizer'). She is working with a whole host of hot writers and producers and is working on a sound that will be like 'Blackout on steroids' according to one source.

GimmeBritney reports that confirmed writers include:
Sean Garrett (who wrote 'Toy Soldier' off 'Blackout')
The Nervo Sisters
Chad Beatz (aka Chad Dexter) (via Twitter)
Jon Asher (via Twitter)
Jim Beanz
Michaela Shiloh
Meanwhile producers involved include:
Darkchild (via his official Twitter)- “In the studio creating a smash for Britney right now!!!”
David Guetta (via Facebook/MTV/Kyle & Jackie O Show – Australia) - although he did later backtrack slightly...
Danja (via his official Twitter)
Scott Storch (who wrote on Facebook they had completed a track called 'Second Chances')
K.Briscoe (The Outsyders) (who produced 'Womanizer')
Corte Ellis (Soul Diggaz) via MTV
Max Martin ('Baby One More Time', 'Lucky', 'Stronger' 'If U Seek Amy', '3')
Guy Sigsworth ('Everytime')
Ann Mincieli (Studio Engineer)
Lucas Secon
Bloodshy & Avant
Russ Castella
Cisco Adler
Jean Baptiste
Also, a couple of demos from producer Fernando Garibay have surfaced on the internet, listen to them here. Fans pretty much unanimously loved 'Blackout', myself included, but I can't help thinking that this whole electropop sound is getting a bit tired now, perhaps its a new sound she needs rather than more of the old?

What do you think? Does Britney need a new sound or more of what she does best? Comment below, tweet @popseeker or email

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Next album "like Blackout on steroids"

THIS I like the sound of VERY MUCH!

From X17online

"Britney Spears is ready for the world to hear her new sound, which a source says will be "more energetic" than the last album.

A person familiar with the project tells X17online exclusively:

"Right after this year's Grammy Awards, Britney met with all of the producers for her next album to explain the vibe she's looking to capture. Brit, who is co-writing many of the songs, explained that she's looking to give the new album a vibe like the song Get Naked from Blackout."

Our source says that the pop princess, who we're told is "not only a hard worker, but an incredible mother," has recruited many of the same producers from her Blackout album like Bloodshy and Avant, Nate "Danja" Hills and Corte Ellis. According to the source, this new album "will be like Blackout times 100!"

X17online has learned that the album was set to be released this summer, but the project may now be pushed back. Our source says that very soon we'll be hearing some new Britney on the radio."

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Some more demos

A couple more demos have surfaced reportedly for consideration for Britney's next studio album. Performed by Shawn Desman.

The Return is quite cool, imagine Britney singing it and it'll be better. EyeSpy is shit to be honest, and is it me or does it sound astonishingly like Justin's 'Senorita'? Let's hope it doesn't make the cut. Although judging by the existence of that God awful 'Mmm Papi', we're gonna have to hope pretty hard.

The Return


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