Friday, August 14, 2009

New song demo - "Scorpio Girl"

X-britney reports (translated from Portuguese):

Producer Tsour Lee Adato, has given us a little surprise! As everyone knows, Britney is in the process of recording for a future project, which we still have no concrete information about, and has been up in the Studio with Max Martin during her time in Sweden. Tsour, has sent us an exclusive demo, the voice is not Britney as it is a demo for her to re-record. The song is called Scorpio Girl and was produced by him and Hezi Shaked.

Lyrics and snippet below

I can be quite discreet if you need that kinda hush
I wont tell anybody about our secret crush
Baby give me it I could use the rush
But when shes getting angry
You better step aside
And when shes feeling hungry
You keep her satisfied
If its understood You can come around

Ill let you take the lead-role
Keep control babe you can have it
Little miss wonderful
The little girl wont misbehave it


Just as you think you own me
Im gonna say no-oh
And when youll wanna keep me
I will get up and go
Dont believe in your love
I aint feeling your words
And if its a mans world
Im a scorpio girl

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Anonymous said...

This is NOT Britney's voice!!!

Me said...

No, it's not meant to be. It has been recorded FOR her so she can choose whether she wants to record it :)