Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Amnesia" on UK "Circus"

"Amnesia", a track previously announced as a bonus track on the Japanese release of "Circus" has been confirmed by to also be featuring on the UK standard release of the album.

An insider close to Fernando Garibay, the producer of the track, has revealed exclusively to some of the details of "Amnesia." The insider says: "It's kind of Britney fighting with a voice inside her, and damn... it's a huge fight, with an aggressive and uptime instrumental. And be ready, Brit is screaming in the studio."They went on to reveal a bridge from the song:

"It's kinda amnesia / (baby, just forget it) / what you save only weighs you / and all I want is to be free / (to fly higher than ever) / so baby get out of my way / (I ain't still the same) now you are in my freaking game / and it's hotter than ever / (it's kinda amnesia)"