Saturday, September 12, 2009

VMA rumours

These are the latest rumours regarding Britney and the VMAs:

"Fuck! I DEFF let the summer get the best of me! Forgot all about my beloved blog…and I wouldn’t have cared to come back either, lmao, but I just HAD to break this exclusive dish! My bff Linda (the bitch on the right) is gonna be performing during a VMAs segment! It’s gonna be dancey, hilarious and amazing. She just finished the rehearsals with this year’s hostRussell Brand and guess who’s gonna take part of that segment?!

…BRITNEY SPEARS! YES! She will be at the rehearsals with her later this week. LUCKY BITCH!
" -

"MTV just posted the seating card photos for the VMA’s and Britney was no where to be found. BUT they posted this little hint at the end

Also, keep in mind that suprise guests don’t usually get seat cards if you catch what I’m saying… )
" - worldofbritney

"A source has revealed to WoB that Britney will NOT be attending the VMA’s but will record a video to show at the VMA’s" - worldofbritney

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