Saturday, September 12, 2009

Buzz on a new song

From the Australian GimmeBritney Forums:

I'm not gonna post this one to the main site, as I don't have enough sources to confirm this... but here goes a little tidbit for gimmeBRITNEY readers.

We're hearing that there is some sort of unveiling of the new Britney single this weekend in America. We're not sure whether this is a performance at the VMA's or what - but all the information we're getting through now is looking EXACTLY like when Womanizer was delayed... this time it's in reverse.

It looks as though a radio date was set as far back as possible to give time for something to not work out as planned. This information leads us to believe that on Monday evening in Australia, radio will be sent a brand new single from Britney - the lead track from The Singles Collection. That would make it a Sunday night in America... and what's on Sunday in America??

There is still no change to "official" radio listing of September 21 from Sony. As I mentioned earlier, this is not concrete - we're hearing these little whispers again from multiple sources. We just can't get any clarification on them.

Story developing...

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