Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Singles Collection UPDATE

Sony Music Australia have revised their original release date of The Singles Collection to November 13th, 2009. Reports this blog. Quotage bellow:

“There will be a double disc with a collection of songs from Britney’s entire career spanning 10 years. We’re also hearing that there will be ‘at least’ 4 new songs, including a single that will be released sometime in October. There is no word yet on what this single is, or when it will be sent to radio.

“A Multi-CD box will also be released containing special limited edition reprints of every Britney Australian released single in a ‘treasure chest’ style box.

“The Singles Collection is ONLY for Australia, but I thought it was for US too cause MTV reported about it earlier this month. Oh well can’t wait to hear the new songs and see what goes on with this project.”

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