Sunday, June 07, 2009

Jamie Spears bans alcohol at tour

From The Sun:

VIP guests at BRITNEY SPEARS' O2 gig were left fuming, and parched, after the troubled star's dad banned alcohol in any area that she may pass through. Instead of the usual glasses of chilled bubbly, Access All Areas ticket holders are being handed bottles of WATER behind the scenes in a bid to keep the troubled star away from booze while on tour.

Britney's family have issued the blanket ban on any areas that the star might pass through on her way from dressing room to stage - and staff have been asked to sign contracts promising that no booze will be available. A source at the venue says: "Following her problems with alcohol, Britney
[or rather, her father who maintains control of all her affairs and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars off his daughter every year] had requested that everywhere backstage is alcohol free.

"Her family is monitoring the situation very carefully and we've been made to sign contracts promising not to drink or allow any of the VIP guests to have alcohol in any of the backstage areas that Britney could use. "It is very important to Britney that she doesn't see anybody drinking in her presence." A gig goer, who purchased the AAA ticket, told The Sun: "Although I respect Britney's wishes, I was desperate for a drink myself. It certainly put a dampener on the night."

meanwhile, (also from The Sun)

A source said: "Britney went to Maddox nightclub after her O2 gig on Saturday night and left just before 12.30am. "It seemed odd that she wanted to be surrounded by people drinking considering her father had imposed such strict restrictions while on tour.

Jamie's controlling ways will almost certainly come back to bite him soon. The irony is, as The Mirror reports:

He says: "One time Jamie was drunk and tried to drive off with Britney in the car. She was no more than five years old. "I tried to stop him, so I reached into the truck to grab the keys from the ignition and he punched me. We got right into it there by the car, fighting in front of her. "Britney was jumping up and down, crying. Lynne had to run out to get her inside... "Another time I was at the house and Jamie walked in drunk and called Lynne a bad name. She was in the kitchen drinking water and he grabbed the glass, walked into the lounge and just hurled it. It was rough, but the sad thing is that it became normal life."

The Times has done an article on Britney's "conservationship". Click here to read.

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