Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grammy Nomination for Brit? Submissions for the 2010 Grammy Awards won’t take place until September of 2009, but we are told that Jive Records will push for the final nail in Britney’s comeback: several Grammy nominations. Her album, Circus, was released in November of 2008 and has been one of the biggest selling albums of the past year. All her singles, “Womanizer,” “Circus,” and “If U Seek Amy,” have been major hits as well.

Some may laugh at the prospect of Britney Spears winning several Grammies. However, Grammy voters not only love comebacks, but have also been more keen to dance music lately. The only categories that Britney doesn’t have a chance in are Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (for obvious reasons) and Song of the Year. She is definitely ripe for an Album of the Year nomination as well as one for Record of the Year. She’s also ripe for Best Pop Album.

One year ago, everybody was saying that Britney Spears was over with. Now, Britney is filling up arenas at top ticket prices during one of the worst recessions ever. One has to not only credit Ms. Spears for curbing her destructive behavior, but her management, father, and Jive Records deserve thumbs up as well.

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