Wednesday, June 17, 2009


WOWOWOW! This would be incredible!

There is good possibility that Britney Spears is re-releasing "Circus". Inside sources claim that this will happen after Britney has recorded few new tracks to it and will be releasing a brand new track as a single closer to the Australian gigs at the end of the year.

Sources also claim that this has been in the cards for awhile, but now that the tour will be on to november, this can be materialized finally. More details will be released soon.

A Swedish producer-songwriter Alexander Kronlund (co-writer of Lucky, and If U Seek Amy) was in Finland working with a Finnish producer Dj Mobster on a track that may end up to Britney. They have 3 days to create a song and send it to Britney’s people to see if she likes it. The song starts with words "If You See Me.." and it's described as a catchy hit that stays in your head for hours. Britney is said to hit the studio in a break from the tour, after European gigs.


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