Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Britney To Play Herself In Biopic?

Britney Spears has already conquered the music and TV world, and now she wants to try her hand at movies again.

Spears is to reportedly play herself in a biopic of her life, reports The Mirror. The insider said: “It’s the film everyone will be queuing to see. It will be dark and gritty, charting Britney’s devastating falls, including her head-shaving ordeal and her traumatic custody battle for her two children. But it will also show the highs along her incredible life journey.”

The source added: “She has been through so much and is finally back to her best. This will be her ultimate chance to prove to the world she has still got it.”

We’re so glad to see Britney back on top of the world. She did a great job on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ so we’re sure she’ll be fabulous in her own biopic.

Source: Hollyscoop