Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh Womanizer! Circus's lead track hits radios with a storm!

Britney's brand new single "Womanizer" hit radios all accross the world today, September 26th, after being delayed since Monday for "fixing".

The song made its world premiere in Australia, but its official debut was on New York based radio station Z-100 FM. A 40 second clip of the song was leaked a week ago to a Nashville radio station, but Jive Records claimed it was just a demo version and the station was quick to dismiss the DJ responsible. Britney herself was said to be upset at the leak.

Meanwhile, the star herself was spotted yesterday in Los Angeles filming the video for "Womanizer" dressed in a short black wig, red lipstick, black leather pants and fake tattoos, and is alleged to play a waitress just like in her "Crazy" video.

The single CD release is set to hit UK stores in November just before her album, Circus, comes out Dec 1st.

Listen to the song here! Is it a case of 'Gimme More', or does it drive you "Crazy"? Leave your comments below!