Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dramatic shit going down in St. Petersburg

Apparently, the trip to St. Petersburg in Russia all-in-all was disastrous. Adam Leber is pretty upset about it, as well as dancers Luke Broadlick and Tiana Brown.

Mr Leber is not so happy with having to head back to Stockholm immediately after the show. We’re assuming this is because of the alleged death threats Ms Spears has been receiving. He posted the following on Twitter:

So pissed! Only got 6 hours in St Petersburg! Back to Stockholm after the show.”

Other dancers tweeted saying:

“That show was crazy.. So awkward.. Why does the crowd like hate us here well now heading to the 8 hour train ride to Moscow!”

- Luke Broadlick via Twitter.

“Wowowowow. We are on the jankiest train ever! Man! U’d think we would b treated well, but this is ridiculous. There’s no room for our luggage or anything. UGH. I hate being treated like crap. I work too hard for this. Makes me sad cause its not just me.”

-Tiana Brown via Twitter.

Let’s hope the real fans enjoyed their time. It’s good that Ms Spears didn’t actually cancel the show. That’s very considerate towards her fans.

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Sam said...

They need to stop thinking about themsleves for a moment! I mean how slefish of em!

Britney's being given death threats and all they can think of is how long they got to stay in Russia!

If that was them recieving death threats then they wouldnt be complaining now would they >:(